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The bone found in the French Pyrenees belongs to a UK Hiker says family

The bone found in the French Pyrenees belongs to a UK Hiker says family

37-year-old Esther Dingley traversed the ridge bordering France and Spain alone, but has never heard from her since she posted a message on WhatsApp on November 22.

The human bones found in the French Pyrenees belonged to 37-year-old Esther Dingley, who walked alone across the ridge across the border between France and Spain, but had not heard of the missing British tourists.

 Last November, the woman’s family announced the news on Friday after a DNA test. Since sending the WhatsApp message on November 22, he has been travelling from France to Spain at the end of October, leaving behind his partner Daniel Colgate, who then sounded the alarm of his whereabouts and triggered both parties on Wednesday Serious search and rescue operations.

 A source close to the French investigation stated that the remains were found near Banerezde-Luchon in the south of the country and were sent to a forensic laboratory in Toulouse for DNA analysis. We received DNA confirmation that one of the bones found last week belonged to Esther,” Colgate and Dingley’s mother Rya Bryant said in a statement issued by the charity LBT Global. The family added, The news is “indescribably devastating. “A foreign aid organization announ

ced in a statement that only one bone of Dingli was found. Despite careful searches, there were no traces of equipment or clothing nearby.He added: “Rescuers will continue to search on foot and use drones to find evidence of his equipment and learn about the unknown about his disappearance.”

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 The BBC researcher said that she and the company had been cooperating for 20 years. Colgate was 8,982 feet above sea level between Spain and their car park), and after traveling to northeast England in 2014, he took a tow tour of Europe. When his girlfriend drove to his RV in Spain, he was in charge of looking after the house in Gascony Vineyard.

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