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With the increase in RV prices, India reported most of the new coronavirus cases within 3 weeks

With the increase in RV prices, India reported most of the new coronavirus cases within 3 weeks

The government estimates that 67.6% of the 1.35 billion people already have antibodies against the coronavirus. India’s Covid chart continues to show an upward trend. The country reported 44,230 new cases in three weeks at most on Friday.

Concerned that the new wave of diseases will subside after reaching a daily peak of 4 million cases in May, at least one state will be closed as Some northeastern states imposed travel restrictions and reported rising infection rates. It shows that the rate of spread of COVID19 infection across the country has gradually increased in the past week, and the reported cases of Kerala and the northeastern states have steadily increased.

 According to government sources, Kerala reported more than 22,000 cases in three days, accounting for more than 37% of the active cases in India. The R value of the southern states is still about 1.11, and the R value is 0.95 means that on average every 100 infected people spread the infection to 95 others.

 If the R value is less than 1, it means that the number of new infections is less than the number of infections in the previous period, indicating that the incidence is declining. “It looks like he will remain No. 1 in the next two weeks. The situation in the Northeast is still very bad, most states have R values ​​greater than 1,” PTI quoted Sitabhra of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences who led the team that analyzed R values. Sinha said.

The surge in infections in Kerala has forced the center to send a team there to effectively treat COVID19. The southern state reported 2,052 new cases, an increase of 34% from Wednesday (1,531); the state capital Bangalore reported at least 505 cases. one.35 billion people already have antibodies against the coronavirus.

According to the Ministry of Health, the country has received more than 45.55 million doses of vaccine so far. When the second wave of COVID19 infections peaked, the country’s total R from March 9 to April 21 was estimated to be 1.37, from April 24 to May 1, it fell to 1.18, and from April 29 to May to 1.18 to 1.1. 7.

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 According to the analysis. Approximately 0.98.It fell to 0.82 from May 14th to 30th, and then fell to 0.78 from June 15th to 26th. However, according to data from the World Health Organization, from June 20 to July 7, the R value rose to 0.88, and then rose to 0.95 from July 322 last week, now affecting 194 million people, adding that the report The largest number of cases are in the United States, Brazil, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and India. % During this time, he said.

 The United Nations health agency quoted the Associated Press as saying: “If these trends continue, the cumulative number of cases reported globally in the next two weeks may exceed 200 million.”

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